Artist: Nisansala Perera

Nisansala's Art for Hands on Canvas II

I'm Nisansala Perera - a self-taught artist and a Human Resource professional. Painting is my passion since childhood which helps me to heal myself and balance all the chaos in day-to-day life.

In 2017 I started to publish my artworks using online platforms to grow my hobby into a small business. With the inspiration of fellow artists, I discovered a lot of avenues to develop my skills in paintings and express myself through them. I spend time learning new trends and demands in this scope and trying to do more trendy artworks. It's so thrilled to try new experiments with colours and brushes.

More than doing it as a business I love working on it to express my self. This has helped me lot in having quality time and improving my creativity.

Painting has been my everyday friend & support system!
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