Artist: Angerlina T. Weldt

Angerlina's Art for Hands on Canvas II

Angerlina Therese Weldt discovered her talent when she was in Grade 7 – playing around with a pen in her school notebooks during lunch breaks. Shy as she still is, she would sit quietly in a corner wherever she is using a gel or cd pen to create her thoughts which are clearly indicated in her drawings. Her favourite type of drawing is now the “Mandala Art” and “Doodling.” Since 4 plus years, she has been spending a lot of her spare time working on her creations both on canvases and in drawing books! Fabric painting is another area she dwells in making cushions and pillow cases out of these, while floor and wall art are her latest innovations.
She is currently employed as The Manager of Yasmin’s Café and does all the creatives for the Cafés social media pages in addition to spending her free time on creating more mandalas and other drawings. Her love for baking is another platform which brings out her talent where she makes decorative cakes very different from the usual.
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